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Overland Readers' Edition

Earlier this year, I was excited to be selected as one of the readers and editors for Overland Journal's Digital Readers' Edition. I've been reading submissions for Overland since 2016 and it's a task I always really enjoy. It's great fun to read different stories, to search for new voices, and be challenged with new perspectives and ideas.

As a volunteer Overland reader, I read a selection of submissions but don't usually have final say over the pieces. This edition, however, was different. This was a chance to read, select, and edit the pieces for publication!

There is gentle sadness in some of the pieces the team selected, along with sensitivity, darkness, and humour. I believe each story holds something different, examining relationships, families, uncertainty, and fear, but that they all share something in common, connecting us in some way. It might sound a bit clichéd but it truly was a joy to read the stories and work with the amazing authors.

You can read the pieces here: Digital Readers' Edition and I hope you do, as they're all really quite special!

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